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We're all about responsible buying. And making it easier for you to find the stuff you need without burdening the planet as much. And whilst we still encourage everyone to reduce and reuse as much as possible, we still consume and still buy. So let us do the hard work. We've selected the products that will literally not cost you the earth.

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Got products to sell? Based in the UK? We do vet our suppliers to make sure that our ethics are not compromised. But it isn't complicated. So get in touch and sell with us.

found a great eco-trader or are you one?

We are building a UK-wide green directory. Have you found a great ethical shop in your local area? Or are you an eco-trader? Tell us more about the shop. And don't worry, registration in the green directory is completely free!

green events

Support green living by participating in events that promote sustainable living.

Green events that's happening across the UK.

farmers' markets

Support our local farmers.

Be assured of quality and minimise carbon footprint by making sure produce you buy are grown here.


daily tips

I leave a few small pots of bicarbonate of soda with a couple of drops of essential oils to keep rooms smelling fresh. I top up the oils every week and replace the bicarbonate of soda regularly (about once a month, or whenever they start to harden a bit). Or light a match or a candle to get rid of lingering smells. Keep safe, though.